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Pregnancy photoshoot in the UAE

Pregnant women are especially charming and attractive. In this interesting position, it is important to provide the most positive impressions to the expectant mother. A good idea is to visit the most beautiful corners of the planet. The Coast of Persian Gulf is an excellent choice for traveling while waiting for the baby.

A pregnancy photoshoot will help to remember the wonderful period of life of every woman. After a few months, you will look your pictures remembering  a pot-belly and a quiet time.

And the most interesting thing to see you during pregnancy will be for the baby when he grows up and will be interested in the eternal question: “Where did I come from?” A pregnancy photoshoot in the UAE will help you to keep in mind this wonderful time for yourself and children.

Particularities of a photoshoot for pregnant women

Photoshoots during pregnancy are very popular. They are carried out in studios, standard interiors more often. It makes the pictures too identical, similar to each other. The pregnancy photoshoot on the coast, in the background of stunning fountains, bridges and towers of the most beautiful city in the world – Dubai, looks much more beautiful!

An expectant mother is an ideal model for many photographers. She does not have to portray emotions for pictures, because such photoshoots are called “In expectation of a miracle.” A happy expression does not leave the face of a pregnant woman, she exudes light and peace.

The best time for a photoshoot is considered to be from the 30 to 37 weeks. The flights at this time are still safe, and the belly is not so heavy to cause discomfort, but large enough to look good in the photo. In the third decade, there is practically no toxicosis, edema and other negative “side-effects” of pregnancy.

The natural roundness of the future mother’s forms is well emphasized by light flowing fabrics. In the eastern colors of the UAE, such clothes will look more appropriate than in the common studio. In this outfit, mom will look great on the luxurious beaches of Dubai, and in the riot of colors of local parks, and in the background of city skyscrapers, bridges, fountains.

Location for a special photoshoot

The services of a photographer in the UAE include the selection of the most suitable places for shooting of the impressive moment. To conduct a pregnancy photoshoot in Dubai, it is important to choose a photographer with experience who is well acquainted with the city and its best attractions.

Dubai sunsets, bright day sun, evening twilight – all this allows you to create a truly fabulous atmosphere for pictures of the future mother. You need to find the location that best fits into the photo, emphasizing the beauty of the heroine, but not overshadowing her. Among the best places for a pregnancy photosession in Dubai are:

  • Beach Club Drift Beach Club. Almost white sand, clear sea, blue sky above your head will look great in the pictures. In the background you can see the most beautiful skyscrapers of the city, and in the evening there is live music and you can capture beautiful local sunsets.
  • Al Qudra Lakes. For a quiet and gentle photo session “In an expectation of a miracle”, local lakes will be an excellent location. The amazing pictures will be obtained in combination with nature far from the noise of the metropolis. Just forty minutes from Dubai, you can have a picnic and take the impressive photos on the desert landscapes of local lakes.
  • Miracle Garden. Dubai knows how to surprise, and this garden is one of the most impressive places in the city. More than 50 million flowers blooming in the desert, combined with beautiful arches, domes and sculptures will give many opportunities for a photoshoot. The expectant mother will harmoniously emphasize the riot of nature and the brightness of colors.
  • The Lost Chambers Aquarium. Galleries and glass halls are seemed to be laid right among the deep sea. This place will give you interesting and unusual pictures. The pregnancy photo session will be stylish and creative here.
  • The Pointe. If you want to bring civilization and technology to the photo shoot, you can go to the new shopping center, which is very popular among tourists.

Wherever you go, a pregnancy photo session in Dubai will give you many positive impressions that are so important for the expectant mother. You will have beautiful pictures for family albums with which you can start the story of your baby in his/her photo album.